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Thursday, 16 November 2017

Snowman (Снеговик)

почта россии открытка ящик Snowman (Снеговик)

почта россии открытка ящик Snowman (Снеговик)

       This wonderful winter white postcard from Russian Post boxes series is "Postcard from winter" (Открытка из зимы, ящик Почты России).
       Russian Post released it especially for the event called "the Snowmen on the Flacon", which took place in Moscow on 18-20 December. For three days the visitors of the design factory "Flacon" were creating unusual and original snowmen out of the snow and not only.
       It was allowed to get a postcard free if you made a special picture and uploaded it in social sites with special hashtags and show then to special person in Flacon.
Colletors call this postcard shortly - "Snowman" (Снеговик)!
Period: from 18 to 20 December of 2015 year.

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