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Monday, 29 January 2018

Postcard from United States Virgin Islands - USVI (Открытка с Виргинских островов США)

Postcard from USVI

stamps from Virgin Islands

Here is a new  paradise incoming postcard from United States Virgin Islands (USVI)!

       also called the American Virgin Islands), officially the Virgin Islands of the United States, is a group of islands in the Caribbean that is an insular area of the United States located 64 km east of Puerto Rico. The islands are geographically part of the Virgin Islands archipelago and are located in the Leeward Islands of the Lesser Antilles.
       The U.S. Virgin Islands consist of the main islands of Saint Croix, Saint John, and Saint Thomas, and many other surrounding minor islands. The total land area of the territory is 346.36 km2. The territory's capital is Charlotte Amalie on the island of Saint Thomas.
       In 2010 the population was 106,405, and mostly Afro-Caribbean. Tourism and related categories are the primary economic activity, employing a high percentage of the civilian non-farm labor force that totaled 42,752 persons in 2016.
       English is currently the dominant language and Spanish is spoken by about 17% of the population.
       This postcard was sent from St.John Island. At 50 km2 the smallest of the three main US Virgin Islands, Saint John is located about four miles east of Saint Thomas, the location of the territory's capital, Charlotte Amalie. It is also four miles southwest of Tortola, part of the British Virgin Islands. Its largest settlement is Cruz Bay with a population of 2,700. St. John's nickname is Love City.
Thank you very much for help dear Richard!

Postcard from Saba (Открытка из Саба)

Postcard from Saba

stamps from Saba

  This amazingly beautiful postcard was travelling to me during 5 month from Saba!
       is a Caribbean island which is the smallest special municipality (officially “public body”) of the Netherlands. It consists largely of the potentially active volcano Mount Scenery, at 887 metres the highest point of the entire Netherlands.
       Saba has a land area of 13 square kilometres. As of January 2013, the population was 1,991 inhabitants, with a population density of 150 inhabitants per square kilometre. Its towns and major settlements are The Bottom (the capital), Windwardside, Hell's Gate and St. Johns.
       Both English and Dutch are spoken on the island and taught in schools, and both languages are official. Despite the island's Dutch affiliation, English is the principal language spoken on the island and has been used in its school system since the 19th century. English can therefore be used in communications of and to the government. Saba English, a form of Virgin Islands Creole English, is the local vernacular.
I am very grateful to Saba Tourism Bureau!

Monday, 15 January 2018

Postcard from Papua New Guinea (Открытка из Папуа-Новой Гвинеи)

Postcard from Papua New Guinea

Stamps from Papua New Guinea

Adorable incoming postcard from Papua New Guinea!

       officially the Independent State of Papua New Guinea, is an Oceanian country that occupies the eastern half of the island of New Guinea and its offshore islands in Melanesia, a region of the southwestern Pacific Ocean north of Australia. Its capital, located along its southeastern coast, is Port Moresby. The western half of New Guinea forms the Indonesian provinces of Papua and West Papua.
       At 462,840 km2 Papua New Guinea is the world's fifty-fourth largest country. Including all its islands, it lies between latitudes and 12°S, and longitudes 140° and 160°E. Papua New Guinea is surrounded by coral reefs which are under close watch, in the interests of preservation.
       The country is situated on the Pacific Ring of Fire, at the point of collision of several tectonic plates. There are a number of active volcanoes, and eruptions are frequent. Earthquakes are relatively common, sometimes accompanied by tsunamis
       Papua New Guinea is one of the most heterogeneous nations in the world. There are hundreds of ethnic groups indigenous to Papua New Guinea, the majority being from the group known as Papuans, whose ancestors arrived in the New Guinea region tens of thousands of years ago. The other indigenous peoples are Austronesians, their ancestors having arrived in the region less than four thousand years ago.
       There are also numerous people from other parts of the world now resident, including Chinese, Europeans, Australians, Indonesians, Filipinos, Polynesians, and Micronesians (the last four belonging to the Austronesian family). Around 40,000 expatriates, mostly from Australia and China, were living in Papua New Guinea in 1975.
Thank you so much for a help Pieter!

Postcard from Palestine (Открытка из Палестины)

Postcard from Palestine

stamps from Palestine

  One more rare incoming postcard from Palestine!
       officially the State of Palestine (Arabic: دولة فلسطين‎ ), is a de jure sovereign state in the Middle East claiming the West Bank (bordering Israel and Jordan) and Gaza Strip (bordering Israel and Egypt) with East Jerusalem as the designated capital although its administrative center is located in Ramallah. Most of the areas claimed by the State of Palestine have been occupied by Israel since 1967 in the consequence of the Six-Day War. The population is 4,550,368 as of 2014, ranked 123rd in the world.
       This postcard was sent from Bethlehem. It is a Palestinian city located in the central West Bank, Palestine, about 10 km south of Jerusalem. Its population is approximately 25,000 people. It is the capital of the Bethlehem Governorate. The economy is primarily tourist-driven.
I am very grateful to Yangyang!

GF Monaco postcard

GF MonacoStamps from Monaco

New one incoming "Greetings from" Monaco!

Have only 8 postcrossing members!
Size: 2.02
National animal: Rabbit
Population: 38400 people
City-state: Monaco
Famous monegasques: Rainier III, Olivier Beretta, Princess Stephanie of Monaco.

You can read more facts on this postcard.

Thank you so much dear Rosmarie!

GF UAE postcard


Surprise incoming "Greetings from" United Arab Emirates!

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Size: 83600
National symbol: Falcon
Population: 5779760 people
Capital city:Abu Dhabi
Famous colombians: Ahlam, Hussain Al Jassimi, Hamdan Al Maktoum, Maitha Al Maktoum.

You can read more facts on this postcard.

Thank you so much dear Alicja!

Postcard from Ivory Coast or Côte d'Ivoire (Открытка из Кот-д’Ивуара)

Postcard from Ivory Coast

stamps from Ivory Coast

Wonderful multi-view Incoming postcard from Ivory Coast or Côte d'Ivoire!

       Ivory Coast, also known as Côte d'Ivoire and officially as the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire, is a sovereign state located in West Africa. Ivory Coast's political capital is Yamoussoukro, and its economic capital and largest city is the port city of Abidjan. Its bordering countries are Guinea and Liberia in the west, Burkina Faso and Mali in the north, and Ghana in the east. The Gulf of Guinea (Atlantic Ocean) is located south of Ivory Coast.
       The official language is French, with local indigenous languages also widely used, including Baoulé, Dioula, Dan, Anyin, and Cebaara Senufo. In total there are around 78 languages spoken in Ivory Coast. Popular religions include Christianity (primarily Roman Catholicism), Islam, and various indigenous religions.
        According to the 2017 revision of the World Population Prospects the total population was 23,695,919 in 2016, compared to only 2 630 000 in 1950.
I am very grateful to Taowvik!

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Postcard from Cuba (Открытка из Кубы)

Postcard from Cuba

stamps from Cuba

Incoming colorful multi-view postcard from Cuba!

       officially the Republic of Cuba is a country comprising the island of Cuba as well as Isla de la Juventud and several minor archipelagos. Cuba is located in the northern Caribbean where the Caribbean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Atlantic Ocean meet. It is south of both the U.S. state of Florida and the Bahamas, west of Haiti, and north of Jamaica. Havana is the largest city and capital; other major cities include Santiago de Cuba and Camagüey. Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean, with an area of 109,884 square kilometres (42,426 sq mi), and the second-most populous after Hispaniola, with over 11 million inhabitants.
       Culturally, Cuba is considered part of Latin America. It is a multiethnic country whose people, culture and customs derive from diverse origins, including the aboriginal Taíno and Ciboney peoples, the long period of Spanish colonialism, the introduction of African slaves, and a close relationship with the Soviet Union.
Thank you very much for a help dear friend!

Postcard from Azores (Открытка c Азорских островов)

Postcard from Azores

stamps from Azores

Got this adorable nature postcard from Azores!

       officially the Autonomous Region of the Azores (Região Autónoma dos Açores), is one of the two autonomous regions of Portugal. It is an archipelago composed of nine volcanic islands in the North Atlantic Ocean about 1,360 km west of continental Portugal, about 1,643 km west of Lisbon, in continental Portugal, about 1,507 km from the African coast, and about 1,925 km southeast of Newfoundland, Canada.
       There are nine major Azorean islands and an islet cluster, in three main groups. These are Flores and Corvo, to the west; Graciosa, Terceira, São Jorge, Pico, and Faial in the centre; and São Miguel, Santa Maria, and the Formigas Reef to the east. They extend for more than 600 km and lie in a northwest-southeast direction.
       All the islands have volcanic origins, although some, such as Santa Maria, have had no recorded activity since the islands were settled. Mount Pico, on the island of Pico, is the highest point in Portugal, at 2,351 m. If measured from their base at the bottom of the ocean to their peaks, which thrust high above the surface of the Atlantic, the Azores are actually some of the tallest mountains on the planet.
Thank you so much dear Carmen!

Postcard from United Nations Vienna (Открытка ООН Вена)

Postcard from United Nations

Stamps from United Nations
This is not a country but place which issues its own postal things like stamps, postcards, postmarks - United Nations from Vienna!

       The United Nations Office at Vienna (UNOV) is one of the four major UN office sites where several different UN agencies have a joint presence. The office complex is located in Vienna, the capital of Austria, and is part of the Vienna International Centre, a cluster of several major international organizations. The UNOV was established on 1 January 1980, and was the third such office established.
       At the United Nations Office in Vienna there are many artistic works which are placed in the yard or in corridors.
I am very grateful to Cassandra!

Postcard from Algeria (Открытка из Алжира)

Postcard from Algeria

Stamps from Algeria

Beautiful incoming nature postcard from Algeria!

        Officially the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria, is a sovereign state in North Africa on the Mediterranean coast. The capital and most populous city is Algiers, located in the far north of the country. With an area of 2,381,741 square kilometres Algeria is the tenth-largest country in the world, and the largest in Africa since South Sudan became independent from Sudan in 2011. Algeria is bordered to the northeast by Tunisia, to the east by Libya, to the west by Morocco, to the southwest by the Western Saharan territory, Mauritania, and Mali, to the southeast by Niger, and to the north by the Mediterranean Sea. The country is a semi-presidential republic consisting of 48 provinces and 1,541 communes (counties).
        In January 2016 Algeria's population was an estimated 40.4 million, who are mainly Arab-Berber ethnically.Berber and Modern Standard Arabic are the official languages. Algerian Arabic (Darja) is the language used by the majority of the population.

I am very grateful to Salim!